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Important Information

Terms of service

We operate on a small scale using a traditional wood fired oven. Due to this and our staffing situation we can only do a certain amount of pizzas each day and we require advanced booking so as we can arrange suitable times. We tend to book out fast due to this and when we are booked out it means we can’t make any extra pizzas and that includes take away.

Our pizzas are cooked one at a time and take roughly 5 minutes per pizza. If you are booking in a large group, please be prepared to share the first few pizzas so as not to leave any individual waiting too long. We are now serving up cheeseboards which should help those in line for a pizza.

Please arrive on time or early. Due to the tight nature of a service, even being 5 minutes late can disrupt service and cause issues with other bookings. We have now implemented a new Terms of Service, every 5 minutes a booking is late we have the right to reduce the group’s total number of pizzas by 1. This will allow us to look after all of our guests in a timely and efficient manner and not let one booking have a detrimental effect on others. We will operate a fair play system with this and will always endeveaour to honour your original booking but depending on other bookings, this may not be possible and we would appreciate your cooperation in this regard. We have listed arrival information below to help all guests reach the Pizzeria in a timely fashion, no matter the mode of arrival.

Modes of transport


The pizzeria is a 10-20 minute walk from the East Pier depending on who is walking. Please allow yourself at least 20 minutes from the ferry arrival time to when your booking is. When leaving the pier, follow the road until you reach the public toilet sign, follow the sign to the right and we are at the end of the road behind the Pink House.


Depending on the tide, they are numerous places you can arrive by boat. The East Pier is the most suitable location to moor your boat when the tide is half or low tide, please allow yourself time to tie up and walk to the pizzeria. Half tide and above, the north pier or north shore beside the sailing school would be the best place to moor or anchor your boat. We are a 5 minute walk from the north pier/beach so please allow yourself enough time to moor your boat.


If you are staying in the B&B, we can make arrange a time for you on the day and automatically include B&B guests in daily bookings. The pizzeria is on the property of the B&B